PhoneGap debug methods

As far as I used to be mobile game developer, I have a strong tension to mobile development, yep, it’s really interesting to me. Well, PhoneGap, positioned as a “The only opensource mobile framework that supports 7 platforms”, has its own pros and cons.

But now I’d like to review methods of debugging in phonegap applications. I found them a little bit weird and inconvenient, but nevertheless I’d like to.

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Digital images processing – breathtaking Photosynth

Surfing the web, a friend of mine found a great thing called “Photosynth”. Here is what’s written about it on the popular blog:

Blaise Aguera y Arcas leads a dazzling demo of Photosynth, software that could transform the way we look at digital images. Using still photos culled from the Web, Photosynth builds breathtaking dreamscapes and lets us navigate them.

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